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We give you the insights you need to make informed decisions

Regardless of your industry, people are your business. Having the information you need to make decisions about who to hire, how to develop employees, and how to manage the culture of your organization is critical to you as a leader.

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InFolk began with the idea for a single product.

From our work with our sister company, Matchstick (a small business staffing and recruitment firm) we spent years learning about the complex process of how to understand teams and businesses to meet the goal of helping clients make lasting hiring decisions.

In 2022, we formed InFolk to begin turning our internal tools into robust software products to help leaders and business owners understand and shape the overall health of their organizations. We quickly realized there was an opportunity to create a suite of tools to meet the needs of small business leaders – purposeful hiring, employee performance management, team dynamics and culture development, leadership development, and more. Our foundational tool, the InFolk assessment, will be followed with add-on tools - InHire (a candidate evaluation tool for hiring) and InTune (an employee performance management tool).

A Suite of Products

The InFolk assessment is our core tool - created to give leaders unique insight and information about the current health of their organization.

Soon we will be launching our first add-on product, InHire - a tool for evaluating candidates and their potential fit and impact in your organization. Using the base data from the InFolk assessment we can give you insight into how to improve the health of your organization through hiring.

Our third tool is called InTune. It is a performance management product to give managers insight into how to develop employees. InTune is already in development and will be followed by at least two other products which are still in the concept phase.

Our goal is to help small business owners and leaders get access to the information they need to make decisions.

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Our Values

These values guide InFolk's approach to business, and are reflected in everything we create and do. With a focus on creating helpful tools for small business leaders, InFolk strives to create positive change in the world by guiding people and organizations to become the healthiest version of themselves.





Looking to Learn More?

Whether you are interested in InFolk or our upcoming suite of powerful software tools designed with your business in mind, get in touch with us today.