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AI-powered tools to help leaders build strong organizations.

Discover InFolk – assess and improve your organization's health.

InFolk gives you actionable insight into what's really happening in your business.

Add on products are designed to help you make informed decisions that shape and impact your company.

The tools you need to help you create real change in your organization.


Getting insight into what's actually happening in your organization is the first step to making change. Our research-backed assessment takes input from your leaders and staff and provides meaningful insights you can act on.


Our custom AI-driven insights give you actionable next steps to move your organization to greater health. Using our Four Dimensions framework we point you to ways you can make adjustments to Leadership, Talent, Culture or Strategy to move toward greater health.


As you take action to move toward greater health, InFolk allows you to see the impact over time. As you reassess your organization you can look back at the results of past assessments to see progress. Creating a healthy organization is a pursuit, not a destination.

What people are saying...

InFolk provides insight and language for organizational dynamics that are traditionally difficult to put a finger on. It's enabled us, as a recruiting firm, to confidently match candidates with organizations where they will contribute and thrive.


Alli Horst, Director at Matchstick

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