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The InFolk assessment is a tool to help you understand the current health of your organization with AI-powered insight into strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations for growth. It turns confidential and anonymous input from your employees into priceless insights on the current health of your organization's Leadership, Talent, Culture and Strategy.

An Inside Look

Visualize the health and internal dynamics of your organization from your employees. Get unique perspectives on organizational behaviors, employee values and sentiment, as well as a profile of the environmental characteristics of your organization.

Employee Alignment

Get insight into the alignment or misalignment between your organizational leadership and staff. Get customized AI-generated feedback on where leaders and staff see the organization differently along with recommendations on next steps.

Unique Insights

Our proprietary Four Dimensions framework and an AI engine creates custom analysis of your organization and provides insight into your Leadership, Talent, Culture and Strategy.

Simple Pricing

Each InFolk assessment is a one-time $500 fee. We recommend assessments be performed at least once a year in order to see progress over time. The assessment is designed for organizations or teams of 100 or less. Larger organizations can be split into teams, divisions, offices, etc.

Data-driven Insights

Our proprietary Four Dimensions framework helps you make intentional decisions about how and where to focus on improving organizational health.

Lead with Clarity

InFolk provides an easy way for you to collect honest, anonymous feedback from your employees. No more guessing or assuming what it's like to work in your organization.

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Are you ready to discover what's really happening in your organization?

**Accounts limited to 100 employees or less. Larger organizations will be split into multiple accounts